What Fashion Experts Don't Tell You about Jelly Handbags

What Fashion Experts Don't Tell You about Jelly Handbags

The fashion world has flourished since the introduction of jelly handbags. Brands have made a lot of profits just by making the trending jelly purses. A jelly purse can be helpful for traveling, attending events like weddings, and in an individual's day-to-day errands. The handbags are nice accessories to complement a wardrobe. The colors and textures of jelly purses allow them to make a statement among other bags. There is a lot of information that people don't know about jelly bags. This article will detail everything everyone should know about these fashionable purses.

Everything People Ought to Know About Jelly Handbags

If you are getting to know jelly bags, you must know all that the bags entail. Knowing the bags, available types, and how to properly maintain them will be a good starter pack for you.

What are Jelly handbags?

These handbags are products of jelly material, which is a form of durable and flexible PVC. Jelly products are unique since they are highly waterproof. That means you can carry a jelly purse to the beach as a protective case for your phone and other valuable items. The jelly material is completely toxic-free, meaning using the purse in any condition is harmless. Jelly handbags are an excellent way of ensuring a dramatic presence due to their distinctive look.

Types of jelly handbags

Jelly purses come in different designs and color shades, ensuring a bag for every user is available, depending on their taste. The four main jelly bags are Alice mini shoulder bag, crossbody bag, Julian Pochette Clutch, and tote bag.

Alice mini shoulder jelly bag

This jelly shoulder bag has long straps and small hold-on grips that fit around a particular person's shoulder. The bag is suitable for vacation trips and also simple evening errands. One can remove the long strap and convert it into a handbag.

Crossbody jelly bag

Crossbody jelly bags can be helpful for both formal and casual purposes. They consist of a long strap that can fit from an individual's shoulder to the other side of the hip. They are excellent for those who love a purse they can carry easily.

Julian Pochette Clutch

This jelly bag is a small clutch purse that can fit in other handbags. They are also a great choice if one doesn't have many items to carry since only a few things can fit in the Julian pochette clutch.

  1. Tote jelly bag

One can also get jelly purses in the tote style. A tote jelly bag is excellent for running errands like grocery shopping. They indicate that one can still be fashionable when shopping or doing daily activities. They can also serve as good beach bags since they are big enough to fit all items one may need on the beach, like cover-ups, sunglasses, a change of outfit, sunscreen, and other things.

Maintaining jelly handbags

It is crucial to maintain your jelly handbag to keep its original look. One maintenance practice involves cleaning the bag with mild detergent. A jelly purse will last long if one prevents too much exposure to direct sunlight. Also, when cleaning the handbag, use warm water since it ensures the jelly fabric maintains its look even after washing


Jelly handbags are the perfect go-to bags. It is nice that one can choose from the many available colours and types depending on their taste. Jelly purses are a trend that will never get old. Therefore, if you get yours today, you can still use it in many years to come and still look fashionable.