What Are the Different Types of Custom Paper Boxes?

What Are the Different Types of Custom Paper Boxes?

Good Packaging has always been a significant part of deliveries. It’s not always important what’s inside, outer look also counts a lot when you have to connect well with your valuable customer. It's essential to see which type of box will be better for the product you are delivering. The exterior look of the package can increase the value of the inner product. It can attract people who love beautiful things.

There is a wide variety of custom boxes in different sizes, colors, materials, and quality available in the market. Some standard boxes are corrugated, folding, mailers, and end-loading boxes, which are discussed below. These boxes are not only economical but also eco-friendly. Due to its low price, demand has increased a lot. They are the most reliable packaging solution.

Now let’s get into the details of different types of custom boxes, and see what they are and where they are used.

Different Types of Custom Paper Boxes

Corrugated boxes

Corrugated boxes are like cardboard boxes. The only difference between them is the flutes. Most cardboards are single-walled, but corrugated boxes have more thickness around the walls so that the product inside is safe until it reaches the customer. Cardboards are the most resourceful and flexible for making custom cardboard boxes. Many companies make custom corrugated boxes with additional layers to support and protect. Because of these reasons, people prefer custom corrugated boxes for shipping purposes.


These boxes are also called paperboard cartons. These boxes are lighter in weight than corrugated boxes but have identical sturdiness. Folding boxes are the most used boxes. You can see these multipurpose boxes in your daily life. From cereal boxes to detergent, toothpaste boxes, and pencil boxes, all these are folding boxes in different sizes and shapes. These can be customized easily. Folding boxes are more used because of their lightweight and low cost, making them best for shipping and storing.


There are 2 kinds of mailer boxes: Mailer boxes and envelopes. And mailer boxes are always distribution ready, as they don’t need additional Packaging. These boxes have self-locking designs like a box of pizza. These are mainly used for luxury clothing, pizza, and office. You will love these beautiful subscription boxes when received. While mailer envelopes are thick envelopes used to protect small and fragile things. They are usually padded with bubble wrap, foam, or thick paper.

End loading boxes

End loading boxes are used for large and heavy products due to flaps covering each other nicely. These boxes give extra shielding when things are being transported. These boxes are a kind of corrugated boxes because of their material. The boxes have many qualities like durability, multipurpose, flexible. You can use these boxes to ship many items like expensive décor items, mirrors, frames, and many more. These boxes come in many sizes, so everyone can use them according to their needs.


Cardboard is a versatile material used to make these valuable boxes and many other things. These boxes have made everyone's life easier. Many companies have made their custom boxes in different colors and sizes.