Everything you need to know about roll-up doors

Everything you need to know about roll-up doors

If you are looking for a door for your garage, business or self storage, you are probably already considering buying a roll-up door. Models like asta doors have many features that make these doors the best option.

Buying a roll-up door is an investment, and this goes beyond money. The truth is that these doors have features that will give you security and a lot of practicality when opening and closing them.

As we know that this is an important decision, there are certain things you should know about these doors so that you feel comfortable when choosing the one that best suits you.

What is an automatic roll-up door?

Automatic roll-up doors are specially designed and manufactured for large spaces. Most of the time they are installed in large places such as warehouses, workshops, sheds, garages and also in stores.

These doors have certain characteristics and particular parts that allow them to function as they do. Among those parts is the motor, or what is also known as a coil, which is responsible for making the door go up and down, much like a shutter.

Generally these doors are made of materials such as galvanized and stainless steel, as well as aluminum. These types of materials make them very strong and durable.

Many people associate roll-up doors only with opening and closing so that people can enter and exit a place, however, they are very useful as a security barrier against theft and burglary, and also as a barrier to prevent fires from spreading.

How does an automatic roll-up door work?

If you have a roller shutter at home you will notice that when you roll it up it exposes your window and if you release it you cover it. This is basically the same system as the roll up doors, as they work precisely like a roller shutter, only it needs an electric motor system that is installed on its shaft to be able to roll-up the door.

In addition to the motor and the door shaft, it also has locking and unlocking sensors that make the shaft rotate through pulleys according to a programmed function or activity remotely by a remote control.

Although we are explaining the operation of an automatic roll-up door, you should know that there are also the mechanical ones, which you can open and close by hand, very useful in case there is a power failure.

What is the best material for manufacturing roll-up doors?

The material used to manufacture this type of doors depends largely on the place where it will be installed. For example, when it comes to doors in the home, many manufacturers and suppliers use materials such as wood and fiberglass to make them.

However, the most popular roll-up doors are those that are installed in places such as warehouses, self-storage, commercial stores, among others. This is manufactured in more resistant materials, such as aluminum, metal or steel.

When it comes to industrial use, it is important that the roll-up door material is rust resistant.

The best way to keep your roll-up door in top condition is to maintain it constantly and keep it lubricated.